The Design Void is a community website connecting small businesses and people with their local creative community of architects, artists, designers, merchandisers, makers and more.

The main goal is to provide a way for businesses/individuals to easily find, view the work of, and contact designers and makers. We wanted to create a clean, ad-free platform where creatives across multiple disciplines could come together and present their work to those seeking their services, both residential AND commercial. Based in NYC we know making the most of your space is important, and that more small businesses could benefit and grow from the expertise of their local creative community!

Now live! All users can try out the site for one month free, membership after trial is $5 one-time to search for services and $5 monthly to offer services. Let us know what you think and want to see next!


I created this site to have one simple place where local designers & makers of all studio sizes could put themselves on a map and display their relevant work, info, and links. The aim was to create something low-cost enough that creatives of all levels could join, but did cost something in order to keep the site full of those presently offering services. The other main objectives were to be straightforward and advert-free with a focus on displaying studio's work for those who want to see it!

For many small businesses finding and getting in touch with architects, designers & makers can be an overwhelming task. The Design Void is here make that process a little bit easier while promoting the value of design to help businesses grow.

Check out the site, it's free to join and not very much to stay!

Edward Mulligan